Don't Get Sucked Into a Negativity Whirlpool!
Negativity is like a whirlpool: it’ll spin you around and around. If you don't have the strength to get out, you get sucked down with it. When this happens, it’s time to find the power in positivity. This doesn’t mean being naive or ignoring issues that need your serious attention. It means re-focusing your energy on finding the good within a situation. Here's how! 

1. Focus on what's working. 

Instead of saying, "I just can't cook," focus on what you did do right. Try saying, "Those vegetables turned out delicious," or "At least next time I know not what to do!" (And say it with a smile, of course).

2. Once you hone in on what brings a smile to your face, repeat it. 

By focusing on positive affirmations, you'll help make positivity the focus of your life. In turn, the negative messages will become less influential in your life.

3. Notice and appreciate the positivity everywhere. 

Since I have become more open to receiving positivity, I have been receiving more and more positivity in return. I observe it in brief exchanges with taxi drivers and receptionists. 

Being positive is something that needs to be worked on over and over again. The reason being is that whirlpool of negativity can be so strong. Yet, once you find the strength in using positivity, you'll find the transition much easier. 

As always, remember to enjoy the journey and don't get down on yourself if you slip. Instead, remember to focus on the positivity! 

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Aimee Hoefler, MBA, RYT, is the author of Become Empowered, Take Charge of Your Life; international marketing professional; owner of the lifestyle website, which is focused on health and wellness and much more; and co-founder of the marketing and design firm Malen-Dyer.

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