How To Make Bath Time Blissful

There's absolutely nothing like a steaming hot bath to unwind at the end of the day. I can feel all the stress and struggles from the day melting away, while I warm my bones and soothe my body. Just the sound of the water pouring into the tub is serene. Bathing has become a ritual for me, nourishing my body, mind and soul. Here is how to make YOUR bath time just as magical.

1. Use Epsom salt.

Detoxify the body, and soothe the mind. Epsom salt is made from magnesium sulfate, which helps relax the mind and calms us down naturally. A big cause of anxiety and nervousness is deficiency in magnesium, and since the skin is our largest organ, hot baths are the perfect way to absorb the magnesium we need to balance us out. It also releases tension from our muscles and joints to soothe us further, and sedates the nervous system, bringing on deep relaxation.

2. Add essential oils.

After I add my salt, I drop in some of my favorite essential oils. Frankincense is perfect for unwinding at the end of a long day, along with lavender or sage. If I’m bathing in the morning for an invigorating start to my day, I’ll use something like lemongrass, eucalyptus or ylang ylang. Sandalwood is another great love of mine. The scent of these oils is intoxicating enough, but what’s better is that they're absorbed through the skin, to add even more of a therapeutic, healing touch to our bathing experience.

3. Burn candles.

I like to illuminate the room with at least a dozen tea lights scattered around the bathroom floor and on the windowsills. I’ll also burn a nice, large beeswax candle to bring a glowing yellow hue to the room. If you have any Himalayan crystal salt lamps or candle holders, these are a lovely negative ion-producing addition to the vibe.

4. Burn incense. 

Incense clears the room of any negative energy and allows us to start new with a fresh, sweet and calm vibration. I love to burn incenses that offer a beautiful, warm and woody scent like sandalwood – or a deep refreshing resin like frankincense. Always use natural, hand-rolled, high-quality incense. 

The mind will wander. You will find meditative moments of clarity, bliss and relief. Questions that have been running wildly through your mind seem to answer themselves, and new thoughts of inspiration find their way into your consciousness. It's truly a beautiful thing. Take the time, relax, soak and release. Close your eyes. Allow your body and mind to do what they want, enjoy the peace, enjoy the ritual and the stillness.

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About the Author
Morgan Potts is a Certified Holistic Health Coach living in Rochester NY. She works with busy women who are struggling with anxiety and nervousness to find balance in life, tap into their inner energies, and get in sync with nature. She teaches us to really slow down and enjoy life, with increased mindfulness, awareness and connection. Whole foods, green juice, and holistic methods for cleansing are subjects of passion and inspiration for her work. Check out her juice blog full of recipes, photos and juicy inspirations. Kale, love, and positive vibrations!

Morgan received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and works both locally and over the phone with clients from around the world. Connect today! 

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