YOU, The Incredible Actor, Writer & Director In The Play Called “Life”

You are a perfect creation here for a perfect purpose and reason. What’s the reason, you ask? The reason is self-expressed by every role you have played your entire life. The reason comes through in every choice and decision you have made and by every interaction with every person you have ever met. 

You have been a key part of the endless creative expression of life.

This purpose will continue from this moment forward. It will be decided in your next thought and response. It will be decided in your next action and reaction. It will be expressed all the days of your life. It is not a question of if you have a reason or a purpose for being here now but rather how you will choose to express your reason for being

What role will you decide to play?

The journey you have been on is one in which you may have been unaware of the hows and whys of life. This is now all changing. You are starting to see a connection between what you believe about yourself to be true and what happens in your life. You are getting wiser to the way the universe creates itself. An empowering and liberating understanding is right on your horizon.

The set, the scenery and all the other actors and actresses is how life supports you on this journey of self-discovery. It is how it is supporting you right now with these words. The entire supporting cast needed to serve every one of your deepest truths is what life will continue to bring you. That is why searching within to discover what truths run your life is so vital: Self-awareness is true power. 

Only when you discover these truths will you see which of these vital beliefs have been driving story lines of your play.  You may find that they may no longer serve your story line.

How exciting is it to be coming to the conclusion that you are the lead actor, the director of each act, and the one who is writing the script? Just because the first few acts of your life have left you feeling less than fulfilled or discontent, it doesn’t mean the next ten acts can’t be the most enjoyable ones yet. The direction of the play can change at any moment. When you perceive and react to life from a greater understanding of the purpose of it all, a whole new world begins to open up for you.

This moment, what does it mean? What is its purpose? Welcome to your next scene and act. It is yours to write. You can change it all if you’d like right now. And remember, life will support you and any new directorial vision. Trust this. It will support you because you are always and forever the most important lead role, writer and director there ever was, ever is, and ever will be. That is how much you matter. That is how much you are loved. 

Time to take a bow. 

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