5 Easy Things Anyone Can Do To Improve Their Health
You don’t need a new year or a new month to be a new you. Just pick a day and ask yourself: What’s the one thing I can do for my fitness? You can even come up with a "Start Doing" list so you can pick one thing and start today to improve your overall health! Here are some ideas to get you going: 

1. Eat more fiber. 

Get more beans, broccoli, kale, cabbage, peas, apples, bananas, and air-popped popcorn into your daily diet. High fiber foods are not only nutritious, but they keep you full and satisfied longer.

2. Always be looking for ways to move more.

Exercise most days of the week for a total of an hour—even if you have to break that up into smaller segments throughout your day. But you also shouldn’t plunk down in your chair after a workout and sit on your butt the rest of the day! Find little ways to get more movement into your day. Walk around more. Stretch. Take more steps. Choose stairs over an escalator or elevator. 

3. Pay attention to how your jeans fit. 

If they get snug or you can’t get them on, that’s your little wake-up call that your health and fitness efforts are getting off track. Your jeans can be a more accurate reflection of what you're eating and how much you're exercising than your scale. So pay attention when you slip those jeans on for the day.

4. Start eating breakfast. 

I know people who say they're really going to get serious about weight loss this year and then the first thing they do is skip breakfast or wait to eat a snack until hours after they wake up. If you want your metabolism to get to work for you, eat when you wake up. If you don’t eat breakfast your body will think you are starving and it won’t fire up your fat-burning metabolism machine.

I love starting the day with a smoothie or this oatmeal crockpot recipe. Consider making your own granola bars. There are so many healthy options—have fun coming up with your own! 

5. Sleep. 

People laugh about getting seven hours of sleep a night as if it’s a preposterous suggestion out of the realm of all possibilities. Like you, I know the challenge of a busy schedule and devoting that much time to sleep, but sleep is as good for you as exercise and eating healthy. You have to view as a component of your overall health. Lack of sleep has a negative impact on your mind, body and weight. Start viewing sleep as a healthy choice you are making for YOU that will help support your other choices.

What are you going to start doing for your health today?

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