Confessions Of A Juice Cleanse Virgin: 3 Tips For Success

I am a certified yoga instructor and… I’ve never had a juice cleanse. (Don’t judge me, please!)
Living in Hong Kong, it’s nearly impossible to find a kitchen big enough to fit a juicer (trust me, think Manhattan apartment rental prices but reduce the size of the apartment by 50%).
I do eat 85% healthy on a regular basis, but I’ve never survived on liquids for a day. I had my initial fears that juices would not be substantial enough for me to go about my regular day: work as an editor, yoga, and life’s daily musings. But I thought to myself: Enough excuses… it’s time to get down and dirty with a cleanse!
So I opted for a day off to try the cleanse, just to be safe, since it was my first time. I ordered a one-day detox cleanse with a balance of 50% vegetables and 50% fruit. I survived with flying colors, and I might even do it once a month now!
Here are three tips from my experience that may help fellow juice cleanse virgins:
1. Prepare your body a few days before! 

You’ll probably be tempted to stuff your face with chocolate cake (mind you – gluten-free, organic chocolate cake) the week leading up to your juice cleanse. Maybe even prepare for battle with excessive amounts of vino and indulgence. 

As tempting as that may sound, please don’t. The best thing you can do is prepare your body for the detox by eating healthily a few days before your cleanse. The earlier you do it, the easier your cleanse will be! Don’t torture yourself by indulging in junk food until 11:59 p.m. before cleanse day.

2. Stay hydrated during your cleanse. 

Since you are going to be drinking fresh-pressed raw juices all day long, it maybe counter-intuitive to ask you to stay hydrated. Don’t be fooled, it’s equally important! Keep herbal tea or lemon water by your side all day to make sure your body is nice and balanced. Studies suggest that when we feel hungry, many times our brain is just trying to tell us that we're thirsty. So drink up, the juices will do the detoxing, and the extra hydration will keep the headaches and hunger at bay.

3. Schedule your day accordingly. 

Especially because it’s your first time, make sure you take good care of yourself. Prioritize your day so that you don’t become too busy or overwhelmed. Don’t aggravate your body with excessive exercise or stress while it’s trying something new! For best results, it's great to pair the detox with a light form of activity such as low intensity yoga or a brisk walk outside. Don’t forget to get enough rest; it’s important everyday, but even more essential during a cleanse. Take a deep breath, take it easy and smile…you’ll love it the next morning!

Good luck, cleansers!  

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About the Author
Having been born and raised in one of America's greenest cities, the San Francisco native has a great appreciation for all things organic and natural. She is a certified yoga instructor, natural beauty enthusiast and a editor for a fashion site (in real life). She's also the official blogger for Absolute Yoga Academy. She currently resides in Hong Kong and likes to live by Ralph Waldo Emerson's words: be honest, be silly, be kind. 
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