Mother's Day Flowers, Chocolate, and Yoga
Mother's Day is Sunday and we've got our picks for flowers, organic chocolate, and even yoga poses for moms. What more could you want?

Who doesn't love chocolate? More importantly, what mom doesn't love chocolate? My new favorite brand is Theo and I'm really liking this 'Cacao Connoisseur Gift Set'. Theo's chocolate is organic and delicious -- and this basket is fair trade and has my favorite flavor, Salted Caramel.

Are you planning to buy Mother's Day flowers? Upwards of 85% and as high as 98% of the most common fresh cut flowers are imported mostly from South America (translation: huge carbon footprint). has teamed up with to offset their carbon and is offering a 10% discount.

Are you a new mom? Get your Mother's Day yoga on with your baby! Our friend, yogi Kathryn Budig, put together some great poses for new moms. Check out Kathryn's new-mom yoga routine at Huffington Post.

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