OMFG. Burger King May Be Serving You Horse Meat
Need another reason to avoid fast food? 

Here's one: your hamburger just might contain horse meat. 

After weeks of denial, Burger King admitted this week that trace amounts of "equine DNA" were found in patties from one of its suppliers in Ireland. 

This potentially affected Burger King outlets in the UK, Ireland and Denmark. 

Burger King claims that the horse meat never made its way into stores, and has since started buying meat from German and Italian suppliers.

We already knew that fast food companies aren't watching out for us, but this is a new (pardon the pun) whopper of a lie. 

We'll stick to a plant-based diet, thanks! 

And if you're going to eat meat, please do yourself a favor and know where your food comes from. 

What's your take? 

Photo Credit: Lorraine Swanson /
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