What Seinfeld Taught Me About Karma And Happiness
I had a total Seinfeld moment yesterday.  And I can say with 100% confidence that it was, in fact, purely Seinfeld-esque given the fact that Thursdays at 9PM on NBC were quasi religious in my household growing up, and now we still laugh together at reruns which are so based in reality that they never seem to grow old.  

My personal episode refers to one in Season 8 where Elaine has a terrible rash.  She goes to the doctor, at which point she sees in her chart that she is "difficult" and as a result is denied treatment from every doctor she sees in NYC.  

Desperate, Elaine tries over and over to prove that she is in fact pleasurable, then attempts to erase the comment in the chart, and ultimately turns to Kramer in attempt to steal it.  Completely unsuccessful at eradicating the comment, the chart and "being difficult" follow her everywhere.

This came to mind yesterday at my annual check up with my doctor. She wrote in my chart that I would have children within three years. I panicked, not because of the possibility of pregnancy or being a mother, but rather because, per guru Seinfeld, this comment is likely permanently in my chart. 

As I strolled home, I remembered my yoga, and realized that the Seinfeld episode, and my now marked chart,  actually both relate to Tibetan yoga and creating your happiness.

In Tibetan Yoga philosophy, as at I.AM.YOU., they say that every single thing you think, say, perceive, and hear makes a mark in your mind, much like a comment in a doctor’s chart. Those marks, or comments if you prefer, stay with you, wherever you go, until either you eradicate them, or they grow into full fruition, for the good or bad.   

Every time a comment takes full form, another one is planted. In this way, you are constantly creating both your current life experience and that of your future. The conglomeration of these comments, both as they are written and as they grow, are effectively what create your life experience and your world. The Indian philosophers of yoga call this karma.

In this way, your mind is akin to Elaine’s infamous doctor’s chart.  It goes everywhere you go, and dictates every experience you have. 

So if you want to be happy, you need to make sure the comments that go in your chart of life make other people happy. If you want to be prosperous, assure you help other people become prosperous. If you want to be strong, try to reinforce others’ strengths. 

Or, you can be difficult like Elaine, sad, gossipy, angry or dare I say, b@%$chy, but you better be ready to get that comment thrown back at you sometime in your life. 

We all have a chart that goes with us, but the beauty of life is that we get to write it. How can you refine what goes in your chart?  Take one nanosecond each time you eat something today and think of what comments you may have inadvertently written in your MindChart  in the hours before.   

Acknowledge the good ones and the bad ones. Then, until the next time you check in, try to only create comments you like for your MindChart, and see how they manifest in future life episodes to come. 

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