How To Retain Your Light Within The Dark
Do you have a fascination with the abomination? Are you drawn into dark news stories like drivers slowing their cars to look at a car crash?
Recently we've seen some horrific news items fill our screens, from mass shootings in Connecticut to brutal rapes on buses in India. Often we are drawn into these dark stories and revel in the ongoing media surrounding them.
Two days had passed before I had heard about the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.
I hadn't seen the news, read the papers or looked at any social media all weekend.
It wasn't until Sunday night when I went to post a tweet, that I caught sight of a tweet by a comedian who had written about 'a tragedy'.
It immediately pulled me in. I had to find out what he was talking about so I Googled CNN news and there in front of me was the entire story. It pulled me in further.
I wanted to find out more about the man that did this. I wanted to know about his life and what drove him to do this. I wanted to know more about the families involved, and the township where it happened. I could feel the vortex sucking me into the darkness. As Marlow said in Heart of Darkness, I had a 'fascination with the abomination'.
The next morning on my way to work, I was thinking alot about this terrible situation. I felt waves of empathy for the families and the tragedy of the lives lost. It was changing my frequency from lightness and joy to darkness and sadness. All day I felt heavy and somber. It was a very obvious shift in vibration for me.
Interestingly also that day while I was on Facebook (yes, more social media!)  I came across an image that said:
"Keep shining beautiful one. This world needs your Light."
It was like a smack in the face. It woke me up. I realized the world didn't need my sadness. It didn't need me emitting waves of negativity into it like a wifi reception. It needed me to shed light and love.
If it's a dark night and we remove the lanterns, then the night will get darker.
The world needs light, more and more light. How do we remain in this light space when at times we are surrounded by so much darkness? How do we shield ourselves from the heavy dark energy that exudes from these stories?
Does this mean that we insulate ourselves from the world and remain oblivious? There is a fine line to being ignorant of the world events and being proactive to creating change. Gandhi once said: "Be the world we wish to see in the world"
Some tips to remain light while there is darkness around you:
Meditate daily: Meditation helps us re-establish the connection to our inner light and transcend the event of the world around us.
Spend time among trees: There is a simplicity and lightness when you are among trees that help your vibration become aligned with it
Swim in the ocean or under a waterfall: Flowing water produces negative ions which help produce biochemical’s that make us feel happier, revitalise us and release stress. 
Hug: Hugging people and animals helps the body produce the love sensation biochemical called oxytocin. When we have more oxytocin in our body we naturally feel lighter and more love.
Avoid negative media: Once you know the story, we don’t need to revel and linger in it. Switch to positive spiritual, inspirational and motivational books. 

Often we are swept along by the current of the events around us. This vortex sucks us in and before we know it we have become part of that story also. But with some conscious choices and awareness it is possible for us to retain our illuminated self and bring light where there was once dark.

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