10 Ways To Be The Champion Of Your Life
The history of men and women is simple: Women waited to be rescued while men killed dragons for us. Today, there are still women who want the dragons in their lives to be beheaded for them. 

Regardless of how supported, loved and even worshipped we are in our own lives, being the champion of our own life is the most gratifying feeling there is.

Here is a guide to developing your inner champion: 

1. If you want something go after it with a fearless courage. Everything you want is yours. It's all a choice, what choice will you make today to become closer to your authentic self?

2. Empower yourself by being true to yourself. If something or someone does not feel right, be strong enough to walk away, and know that there is another open door across the way.

3. Feed your soul with people who are like-minded and are on the same delicious path you're on. People who stimulate you in one way or another stir your core in a powerful way.

4. Move your body! Whether it's yoga, pilates, running, or a dance class, moving your body makes us acutely aware of how alive we are in every fiber of our being. Movement allows a connection with our primitive selves.

5. Wear colors that guide your soul that day in the right direction. If passion is your focus, drape yourself in red. If wealth and recognition are what you're after, purple commands opulence.

6. If you look good, you feel good. The days that you know you're flawless well that ripples into the confidence levels in all areas of your life, and there is no reason for you not to have a healthy level of confidence.

7. Eat greens, the more alkaline you are, the healthier you are. The healthier you are the more empowered you are. The more empowered you are ... well, you're unstoppable.

8. Think positive thoughts about yourself, the people you encounter within your day, and your family and loved ones. The more positive thoughts you think the more positive you bring into your life.

9. Be altruistic. Karma yogi’s help others just for the sake of helping others. If we all lived this way think about how far reaching those effects would be in life on earth?

10. Love. Feel deeply grounded in love for yourself and for others unconditionally. Allow yourself to flow in the feeling of love throughout your day, knowing that this choice will always lead to higher levels of happiness and personal contentment.

Life is always going to create chaos, change and upheaval, but in those moments which are our greatest teachers we know that we can make a choice to be grounded, centered and truly the champion of our own lives that can conquer everything with ease and true clarity.

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Jodie Berman is the creator of Bliss Life LLC, life coach, holistic healing practitioner, professor, yogi and lifelong student of thriving in a chaotic world while finding peace through the divine. Driven by being a catalyst for change with others by uncovering their passions, unearthing their blocks and supporting them in being courageous in their own life. I invite you to celebrate your blissful life by embarking on your own self evolution revolution. -Love, Light & Lotus