Go Deeper Into Headstand (Video)
Headstand is one of the most powerful postures in yoga. It's ability to calm the mind and the nervous system is easy to experience in daily practice. 

The strength to support your body in this posture comes from the solid foundation of the upper body and the shoulder girdle, while the pelvic floor engages to support the spine. 

Once you're able to balance in this posture, your perspective on the world changes just from the practice itself. 

When you're ready to take your headstand to a deeper level, you could try holding the posture for longer periods of time. 

Traditional hatha yoga texts suggest that the spiritual benefits only start to accrue at around five minutes of continuous headstand practice. One simple way to take your headstand deeper is to learn how to enter the posture with straight legs. 

Starting off with the solid foundation of your arms created by engaged the deltoids, latissimus dorsi and serratus anterior keep your shoulder girdle firm. Then stand your legs up straight and walk as close as you can to your head. Keep your elbows firmly planted into the ground. Shift your pelvis forward over the solid foundation of your upper body. 

Sink into your hip joints and engage the core of the body. Deepen the hip crease and allow the sacrum to travel more and more forward. Drag your feet on the floor but do not jump. Keep sending the direction forward with your pelvis while pressing into the foundation and one day you will lift up with straight legs. Watch the video above to see it in action.  

Have faith and keep practicing. 

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