I Suck At Breathing
I suck at breathing, I really do. I, of all people SUCK at breathing. For instance, when I’m in a flow style class, that moving-on-the-breath thing the instructors ask us to do just doesn’t come naturally. 

For me, it’s one long inhale from Down Dog back to Down Dog or a quickly inserted inhale, just in case the instructor is watching my rib cage. We all have our areas to work on, but of all the people who practice yoga, how is it, after all these years, that I truly suck at breathing?

Why am I so annoyed at myself for not breathing? Mainly, I was reminded of my preaching, not practicing habit. After taking an online class with Sadie Nardini, her slightly different perspective on using the breath reminded me that I always need reminding to breath. 

What I suck at is practicing the powerful application of using this simple body tool called “The Breath.”

My Iyengar practice provides the actual architecture to create the straightest, broadest, lifted chest to create the biggest and freeist box for the lungs to function in. 

However, from Sadie Nardini’s insider-body tips and many other great sources for the Power of Breath, I discovered an added layer of benefits and possibilities from what powerful breath work can provide:
  1. The ignition of the metabolic system
  2. An actual physical exercise for the whole trunk of the body
  3. A fast track exit for unwanted toxins
  4. The access to power and freedom through relaxation
  5. Achieve improved health and well-being
  6. Tap into greater happiness and enhanced moods
  7. Improve focus and mental clarity
  8. Enjoy sleeping better every night
  9. Manage (and in some cases, even eradicate) pain
  10. Rocket body oxygen levels and circulation
  11. Boost your creativity and energy
  12. Improve your memory capacity
  13. Increase the chances of living a longer and healthier life 
For me, yoga provides a system of Simple Body Tools to enhance and upgrade the human experience and as a product designer and serial upgrader, I am hard-wired to share that stuff.

Lesson Learned: If I take one or two extra deep belly breaths either in class or either to calm me down before I would typically rip someone to shreds, then my practice and self development is working. Maybe tomorrow my mat practice will lead me to take 3 or 5 deeper breaths and who knows how many imminent catastrophes, I will be intercepting with one sharper, longer and deeper intake.

If there are any benefits to the breath that I’ve missed, feel free to let me know.
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