Richard Branson's Top 10 Tips For Making Lists

I'm a big fan of making lists. I'm also a big fan of Richard Branson. He just posted a blog about how making lists has played a role in his everyday life:
I have always lived my life by making lists. These vary from lists of people to call, lists of ideas, lists of companies to set up, lists of people who can make things happen. I also have lists of topics to blog about, lists of tweets to send, and lists of upcoming plans. 
Each day I work through these lists, and it is by ticking off each task that my ideas take shape and plans move forward. As the new year gets started, lots of you will be busy making resolutions. If you want to stick to them, I suggest making them into lists. Here are my top 10 tips for making lists:
1. Write down every single idea you have, no matter how big or small    
2. Always carry a notebook    
3. Find a list method that works for you. Doodles, bullet-points, charts – what suits you best?    
4. Make a list of small, manageable tasks to complete every day    
5. Mark off every completed task – you’ll find making each tick very satisfying    
6. Make your goals measurable so you know if your plans are working    
7. Set far off, outlandish goals. What do you want to have achieved by 2020? How about 2050?    
8. Include personal goals in your lists, not just business    
9. Share your goals with others. You can help motivate each other further    
10. Celebrate your successes – then make new lists of new goal
What do you think? Are you a big list-maker?

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