Finding Divine Inspiration At The Ocean

These last two weeks have been a blur of work, rushing, and running. “Overscheduled” used to be my middle name, and as I fell into a series of unfortunately busy events, I was reminded as to why I vowed not to do that anymore... 

And yet it happens. We fall out of balance, and then we work to align ourselves. The important part is that we keep striving to return to balance.

When I feel myself running ragged and falling back into old ways, a good healthy dose of the ocean always does the trick to snap me back to peace. And so, on Sunday, in my free time, I took myself to the beach, threw off my shoes and stuck a flower in my hair, breathing in the nourishing sea, which always brings me back to me

And as I walked, I began to notice, as the sun was falling down to a new day, that magic was all around me. As my bare feet connected to earth and the water splashed against my skin, I could feel my angst drain away.

A rush of renewal and hope filled my lungs as I realized the perfection that surrounded me. The colors splashed in the sky, bouncing off the clouds, illuminating the water and dancing across the waves struck a chord in my heart, as they always do, reminding me that I am not alone. 

There is always a divine plan. And nothing, no beam of light, no grain of sand is ever out of place. 

Inhale. Exhale. Time is perfect. Inhale. Exhale. Slow Down....

And slow down is what I did. I continued to walk, but slowly. Noticing the unique design of each wave, and observing the warmth of the water in comparison to the fresh cool air. 

As I strolled I noticed a gift from the sea, a beautiful shell. On the outside it was barnacled with age, brown and weathered. But as I flipped it over I noticed the gorgeous smooth inside, seemingly untouched by the harsh beatings of the sea.

I took this gift as a lesson, and expanded my awareness to the teachings that surrounded me. As each beautiful wave crashed, I saw Mother Nature teaching me that each wave, each day, each moment is unique. 

The warmth of the water reminded me that all situations are relative. Applying that to my own life, I recognized that the times I was most stressed was when my comparisons were with a "better" alternative. 

Had the air been warm and welcoming, that water would have been a harsh and cold reality. It is all relative. I decided to try to always live on the relative side of gratitude. Seeing my life, my situations, my busy schedule, on the bright side, the right side of life. And then I returned my attention back to the gift. 

The shell that taught me that currents, storms, and life may rock me, but no matter how weathered or beaten I may look on the outside, I will always keep that shining light within.

My attention expanded and I took a deep breath in. Thankful for the lessons that came from the sea, and awakened to the understanding that these lessons were not by accident. Magic, beauty, spirit surrounded me, completely enveloped me. 

No grain of sand is out of place, no moment in time is meant to be unstruck. 

There is a divine purpose to every lesson and experience. Slowing down my breath, I tried to match my beat to the beat of the ocean, and I found my key to me. That when I open my senses to the world around me, magic is everywhere. I am never alone. And this world, is a breathtakingly beautiful place to experience, learn, and love.

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