4 Ways Boost Your Energy & Happiness

With a to-do list that seems to go on for miles you may be left wondering how you’ll ever have the energy you need to get everything done.

Using some quick and highly effective techniques to boost your energy level can be a great way to feel better on a day-to-day basis and also improve your happiness quotient as well.

Those who have more energy on a regular basis are far more likely to be more social overall and those who have a strong social support system almost always experience greater joy and satisfaction from life.

This said, let’s look at a few fast ways that you can boost your energy levels.

1. Give thanks

The first way to up your happiness level is to give thanks. At least once a day, stop and think about three or four things in your life that you’re currently very thankful for.

This could apply to anything – your family, friends, relationship, career, hobbies – whatever you feel blessed with.

This will immediately put you in a better and happier frame of mind, changing your outlook for the day.

2. Start the day with some stretching

Second, another smart thing to do is to begin the day with some stretching. Stretching will awaken the body, increasing blood flow and circulation, while helping you feel that much healthier and stronger.

Plus, it can add a sense of calmness to the body, which enhances your mood and feelings of being in control over your life as well.

3. Focus on veggies at every meal

It’s normal to want to enjoy some indulgences over the holidays, however too many can lead to huge energy slumps, mood swings, bloating, weight gain, breakouts and in crease in your stress levels. Nothing you want to experience over the holidays, or anytime!

Focus on making as much of each meal or snack vegetables. This will fill you up with nutrient dense, anti inflammatory, calming foods that will sustain your energy, and leave less room for processed foods.

4. Schedule time for ‘flow’ activities

Last but not least, make sure that you take some time at least once a week to do any form of activity that you lose track of time while doing. They call this a state of ‘flow’ – where you are so immersed in what you’re doing that you forget about time and all that’s stressing you for a brief moment.
These types of activities bring great joy to our lives and help combat stress in a hurry, so they are important to get in every so often.

So there you have some top tips to remember if you want to enhance your energy level and create better happiness in your life.  Start using these and you’ll be noticing the positive impacts shortly.

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