5 Ways to Care for Your Hair

Long hair is revered in many ancient cultures and traditions. For men as well as women. 

Depending upon on the tribe, there are different beliefs. Some say long hair signifies the strength of the spirit. Others say long hair indicates the amount of knowledge acquired. 

Shamans, healers, warriors, spiritual medicine workers in old and current times grow their hair as they know that hair is the physical medium for energetic and pranic antennas. 

Hair is the most potent, purest form of protein in the world. The oil at the very root of the follicle is enough to support the brain through any activity. The brain needs vitamin D, energy, phosphorus, and metals. 

The number of units of vitamin D that these hairs provide immediately transfers into to the brain. Hair also helps to synthesize vitamin D from sunlight and supplies the pituitary gland and pineal gland (third eye center) with phosphorous (which is strengthened during practice of meditation.

Here are some natural ways in which you can care for your locks, the 5 easy steps for long hair maintenance: 

1. Air dry

After bathing and washing your hair, let your strands air dry. Using a blowdryer will fry your locks from the extreme heat being blasted onto your head. Air drying will produce healthy, longer lasting hair with fewer split ends.

2. Brush with fingers or wooden comb

A wooden comb does not create any charge or discharge of electromagnetic energy while running through the strands your hair. You can also use your fingers. Combing or brushing is important as it relieves any stuck energy around the scalp and awakens circulation of blood and pranic flow to the top of the skull.

3. Deep condition

Invest in a great quality product to deep condition your hair once or twice a week. You don’t need it everyday, experiment to see how often works for you. With consistent, continuous deep treatments, your hair will feel vibrant, healthy and alive.

4. Use tangle-free ties

Use hair ties that don’t trap, snag and/or pull out your hair. Use instruments that hold your hair up, not suffocate it.

5. Strand care

Tame wild or loose strands of hair with your favorite lotion, body butter or salve. Try to avoid oils as they will heavy your hair. You’ll end up frizz free and head happy!

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