How to Stock Your Fridge to Stay Healthy

Who would've thought? Simply by changing the way you store your food could actually help reduce your calorie intake and boost your nutrition. Check out these 4 tips for stocking your fridge:

1. Stock nutritious foods in the middle shelves. 

Keeping healthy foods easily within eyesight will make you more likely to reach for them. When faced with options, people tend to choose what’s in the middle.   

2. Put less nutritious foods in opaque containers. 

Store sweets and other occasional treats in containers that you cant see through, preventing the delicious sight of them from enticing you.

3. Do prep work once a week. 

When hunger strikes, who wants to take the time to prepare food? Choose one or two days a week to cut fruit and veggies and store in the fridge for a quick and easy healthy snack you can just grab. 

4. Keep your fridge organized. 

Don’t overcrowd your fridge, or you may end up being overwhelmed and head to the pantry. Do a weekly purge to get rid of expired food and keep the shelves tidy. Group similar foods together, and make sure the healthy ones are clearly visible. 

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