How to Say Thank You

Saying thank you is the simplest, most common expression of gratitude. Our parents teach us this before we understand how universal it is. 

Gratitude is a shared language that transcends cultural and economic differences. Saying Thank You connects us and removes the fear of separateness. 

I've been inspired to learn how to say thank you in 50 languages. For now, I focus my efforts on being able to say thank you in the 6 official languages of the United Nations (Mandarin, Spanish, English, Arabic, Russian, French). Try it yourself by memorizing how to say Thank You in the 10 most spoken languages in the world!

If you don't want to stop there, here's a list of 40 ways to say Thank You:
  1. Afrikaans (Africa) - Dankie
  2. Australian - Thoinks, Moite!
  3. Bulgarian – Blagodaria
  4. Burma (Myanmar)  - Kyeizu tin ba de
  5. Croatia - Hvala
  6. Czech – Dekuji
  7. Danish - tak
  8. Dutch - dank je
  9. Estonia – Aitäh
  10. Finnish - kiitos
  11. French* - Merci
  12. German - Danke
  13. Greek - Efharisto
  14. Hawaiian - Mahalo
  15. Hebrew - Raba
  16. Hungarian - Köszönöm
  17. Icelandic - Takk
  18. Indonesian - Terima kasih
  19. Korean - kamsa hamnida
  20. Italian - Grazie
  21. Lithuanian - Achu
  22. Philippines - Maraming Salamat (thank you very much)
  23. Polish - Dziekuje
  24. Romanian - Va multumim frumos (great thanks)
  25. Russian - Spasibo balshoye (big thanks)
  26. Scottish - Cheers
  27. Slovakia – Dakujem
  28. South Africa - Dankie 
  29. Sundanese - Nuhun
  30. Sri Lanka - istutiy
  31. Swahili - Ahsante
  32. Swedish - Tack
  33. Tahitian - Maururu
  34. Thai - Khop Khun Mak (Thank you very much)
  35. Tibetan - Thuk Ji Chhe
  36. Turkish - Tesekkurler
  37. Ukranian - Dyakuyu
  38. Vietnamese - Kam ouen
  39. Yugoslavia - Hvala
  40. Zulu - Ngiyabonga
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