Leaving Room for Maybe
Maybe. It’s a word that used to annoy me. It seemed so non-committal.

Until recently.
Before the start of yoga class, our teacher said something so eye-opening that I could feel my heart swell in my chest. 

She said that if we could, "leave room for maybe." That by leaving room for maybe anything is possible. The space that we can open up with that word might only be flicker. But a flicker becomes a spark and a spark a blaze.

Maybe. I never thought of it that way before. In the past, maybe meant that a commitment wasn’t going to be met. Maybe I’ll call you later (but probably not).

Now I was seeing things differently. And it makes sense, so much of my life has been changing. Instantly I swirled my new maybe around my brain.

Maybe, if I’m a little vulnerable, I can begin healing a broken heart/problem/relationship/promise/spirit... Maybe. 

Maybe, if I listen to my body and don’t push so hard I can open up into a pose that has been challenging… Maybe.

Maybe, if I trust what I know is my own truth I will be less afraid and make different decisions that will bring me a greater sense of peace.

The list went on and on. 

Maybe became the mantra of my practice that day. With every inhale, I said maybe. With every exhale, I said maybe. Flowing freely from one position to the next, I did some poses well and fumbled and struggled in others. But with a small sliver of maybe in my heart I felt so open to accept what was happening in the moment.

One of my favorite sayings comes from Wayne Dyer, “When you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things change.”

Maybe I’m on to something.
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About the Author

Oneika is a yoga teacher, book nerd, and blogger. After a career in retail leadership and training she decided to combine her passion for teaching, writing and wellness. Oneika believes that learning how to properly breathe is the key to a satisfying life. Her classes are structured to connect people with their body and breath. She is passionate about yoga as a way of life and not just something that is done on a mat.