6 Ways Pilates Can Improve Your Running

When I think about fall, many things come to mind: pumpkins, leaves changing color, cooler temperatures, sweatshirts, apples, and the holidays.

Aside from many, many other wonderful things fall brings, it's a time when I feel the most motivated to participate in some outdoor exercise. 

For many, the summer heat of Los Angeles can be a little overwhelming. Sure, we all love to be outside in the sun, but do we want to exercise in the sun? Sweating without even elevating the heart rate is sometimes all we mentally want...

I find that fall is a great time to get in some excellent runs. Because of the drop in temperature, you have to work up a little internal heat to keep you warm. 

If you aren't building that heat, then you aren't working hard enough, therefore you are cold and unsuccessful in your workout. 

Plus, doesn't the air just feel a little nicer in the fall?

So what does running have to do with Pilates?

Well, Pilates is going to make you a better runner. Here's how:

1) Pilates strengthens your core (abdominals and lower back)

2) Corrects posture imbalances

3) Helps develop strong lungs

4) Elongates muscles for a longer gate in your stride and makes your more flexible

5) Reduces the risk of injury

6) Strengthen legs laterally (which running does NOT do)

If you practice Pilates once a week, you'll begin to see results. Put that Pilates body to use and go run outside. Make a path of your own and find your running adventure! You might even be inspired to run in the mud :)

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About the Author
Heather Dorak is the founder and owner of Pilates Platinum. She opened her first studio in Hollywood 6 years ago and now has 4 studios in the greater Los Angeles area. Heather's love for health and fitness began at a young age when she began dancing at the age of 3. At 16 when she attended a dance competition in Los Angeles, she somehow knew that she would move there someday. At 18, her intuition became a reality and she moved from her home town of San Antonio to attend college at UCLA. At 21, Heather sustained an injury while dancing and her physician recommended she try Pilates as part of the recovery process. She attained results so quickly that she decided to become a certified Pilates instructor and shortly after that opened her first studio. Her career path had been established. Though still in her 20's, Heather has settled into her life as a busy young fitness entrepreneur and her dream to share this exciting new workout with as many people as possible has become a reality. When Heather is not busy running her studios, she finds time to travel, hike, read and hang out with her friends.