11 Things To Make You Bloated & Tired This Holiday Season
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I've been bombed, hijacked and seduced by festive food in the past. Everywhere I look, there's a pumpkin spiced latte, muffin or raw vegan treat.

But this year, I won't fall for the siren's song. All she does is make me fat, bloated, tired and convinced that I have seasonal affective disorder. If I really must indulge, I'll be graceful and elegant and savor every single morsel.

Here's what I won't be doing:

  1. Starting my day with a vegan pumpkin muffin followed by a 10am pumpkin-spiced soy latte to assuage my sugar coma.
  2. Go foraging for gift basket food goodies because it's only fair that they are shared.
  3. Think that calories from festive treats are miraculously ignored by my body.
  4. Think that my gluten and dairy sensitivities don't exist during the holidays.
  5. Say yes to every treat, thinking I'll juice cleanse it off the next day.
  6. Follow a juice cleanse, but add in the raw vegan festive treats because I'm being a bit rebellious.
  7. Eat cookies shaped like Christmas trees at my yoga class because someone kindly brought them.
  8. Drop my evening yoga classes in favor of holiday parties because I couldn't say no to the Christmas tree cookies.
  9. Stop shopping for food because I think that I have dinner or drink plans every night, when really I don't.
  10. Eat all of the appetizers at the holiday parties, then go home and eat cashew nut ice-cream because I was still hungry and had nothing in the fridge.
  11. Replace my Herve Leger dress with sweatpants because it doesn't fit anymore.

Here's what I will be doing:

  1. Starting my day with a five minute meditation. (The Attunement App on my iPad is one of my favorites.)
  2. Designing my day during the meditation: how do I want to act and feel today?
  3. Visualizing myself gliding through the day with grace and making empowered food choices.
  4. Eating seasonal foods: pomegranate seeds, persimmons, clementines and four types of kale (curly, cavolo nero, red russian and premier).
  5. Sticking to my clean eating plan and allowing myself two weekly indulgences.
  6. Not berating myself if I eat or drink a little more.
  7. Taking a clutch to cocktail parties so I only have one hand for either food or a glass. (This advice was given to me by a New York socialite and it works!)
  8. Keeping my fridge stocked because I'll be home more than I think
  9. Enjoying a mini-meal at 5pm and 10pm (before and after the cocktail party) and skipping the appetizers. Avocado on Rayo Del Sol's raw gluten-free bread will appear frequently.
  10. Going to yoga class because I want to be there and that's where my friends are
  11. Wearing my dresses because they fit!

By following the above, my aim is to bring in the New Year leaner, cleaner, stronger and brighter.

Join me?

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Dana James, MS, CNS, CDN is a nutritional therapist, writer and founder of Food Coach NYC. She holds her Masters in Clinical Nutrition and is trained in nutrition biochemistry, functional medicine and cognitive behavioral therapy. She believes that food should be viewed as nourishing, joyful and fundamental to self-care. Her goal is to help women break their antagonist (and often obsessive) relationship with food and their body. She believes that true beauty stems from grace, dignity and embracing our idiosyncrasies that make us unique and imperfect.

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