5 Ways to Restore Balance and Overcome Jealousy
The true nature of our being is one of happiness and bliss. Finding contentment with who we are is a natural part of humanity.

Throughout our lives, we spend unnecessary energy comparing ourselves with others. 

Admiring what others have achieved and praising the mark they've stamped on the world is a radiant quality. 

However, living in a competitive world fueled by ego makes it harder for these qualities to thrive in ourselves.

Comparing ourselves to others detracts from our true self

A common aspect of conditioned behavior is that we spend our time striving to be like others or wanting things that clutter our personal and mental space. Typically our hope is that by attaining things, we may become more prosperous and a better person. 

Our true nature knows that this cannot be further from our truth.

Discontentment detracts from our true self

The word jealousy stems from the Greek word meaning rotten.  It's a toxic emotion that erodes our true nature. 

Comparing ourselves to others can easily become a habit, but when it's dropped, jealousy disappears and there is new space for positive feelings. 

Here Are Five Ways to Restore Balance and Overcome Jealousy

1. Allow yourself to be you. Spend time with yourself, meditating and looking within. Don’t follow what the media and magazine articles tell you. Put your own twist on everything that you do. Live from your heart instead of following the latest trends. Stop comparing yourself with others and jealousies will disappear. 

2. Set goals for yourself, particularly goals that can contribute something new and different to the world.

3. Learn to face and overcome criticism. People love to criticize, especially if they don’t feel confident in who they are. If you're paving a new road for yourself, it's quite common to encounter naysayers. Expect it. Accept it.

4. Love yourself and others. Celebrate who you are and be proud of your existence. There will only ever be one of you!

5. Be proud of minor improvements. What you may call a mistake can be a lesson learned and can only strengthen your being. So walk tall in the knowledge that who you are is just as good (if not better) than the person you envision yourself to be.
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About the Author

Indra is a Yoga teacher, published writer, mother and doer of all things creative, but that is of course only if you want to stick a label on her, if not then forget the above. She loves to do what she can with an open heart, love and passion and is a self confessed lesson learner, not Mistake maker and there’s a difference. Indra loves to travel and has a passion for continuously learning, watching life unfold and weave it’s magic. Indra currently lives in the UK and spends a great deal of her Yoga teaching time with children and also with vulnerable teens and adults who suffer from depression and drug addiction. She teaches them the benefits of Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Breath Awareness and gives them the tools to be able to combine them all into their daily life.