Deepak Chopra on Reinventing the Body: Talks in NYC Tomorrow
If you're looking to get started with mind/body wellness, there's no better person to start with than Deepak Chopra. (Did you know that Deepak practices yoga with Tara Stiles?) If you're in NYC tomorrow, Deepak will be giving a talk alongside Tara Parker-Pope of the New York Times. Says Pope:
On Saturday, Dr. Chopra will be joining me in The TimesCenter in New York City to talk about the role of the mind, body and relationships on health. Tickets are still available for the talk, which will also explore Dr. Chopra’s journey into alternative medicine, and how issues like the economy and the environment can influence personal health. At the end of our talk, Dr. Chopra will answer audience questions and sign copies of his recent book, “Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul.”

"Health and well-being should be an adventure,” Dr. Chopra said. “There should be a sense of mystery and magic and empowerment. Well-being is the hero’s journey, and your well-being is the well-being of the world."

You can buy tickets for the NY Times talk here.
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