6 Steps to Bring Meaning to Our Everyday Life
We get up every day rushed and anxious trying to get things done quickly before we start our day. We rely on coffee to give us the illusion of being ready to function, to think more clearly and do our jobs. The day goes by with a lot of ups and downs and we finally come back home late at night, tired and with barely any energy left to exercise, spend some time with our families and maybe read a little bit before we go to bed. 

Our fast-paced stressful lives have led to a big disconnect with ourselves and we may even have a feeling of emptiness inside our hearts. Therefore I came up and explored some tools to help find more meaning in our days and more grounding within ourselves. I practice the steps below every morning and evening, along with my daily yoga and meditation practice:

1. The power of intention: Start your day writing down or stating your intention. It can be related to you or to people around you. Say for example: “Today is a good day to live, I intend to pay attention to all the good qualities in people around me”.

2. Practice basic goodness towards yourself: Every night before going to bed, write three new things you are good at and three new things you love about yourself. I found this to be a great tool for boosting self-confidence and self-love. Especially when going through challenges, you can always use your journal as a reference to read what you wrote about yourself.

3. Make yourself happy: Isn’t so easy to often forget about this part? We get so hung up on what needs to be done at work and we forget about what needs to be done for OURSELVES. Ask yourself every morning: “What am I going to do to make myself happy today?”

4. Set a daily goal: Your goals don’t have to be huge. You can start with baby steps by setting a small goal that is reasonable and have a strong commitment to finish it by the end of day. This is a great way to become more intimate and comfortable with commitments.

5. Practice daily the act of kindness: Say something nice to a colleague, family member and show appreciation to people around you. This is a great way to start acknowledging the goodness in yourself and reflecting it in others.

6.  Practice gratitude. Write down at least 3 new things you are grateful for everyday. This will help you notice all the wonderful things you have and lead a simpler and more grateful life.
Committing to this small daily exercise will bring a big emotional and spiritual shift in our lives and help us experience and look forward to something beautiful and meaningful in ourselves and in the world every single day. 

To learn more about happiness, check out our video course How To Create More Happiness & Meaning In Your Life With Charlie Knoles.
About the Author

Cynthia Belmer is a Freedom coach, entrepreneur, an inspirational author, truth seeker and soon to be the creator of Vulnerable Self magazine. She has coached ambitious women to fall in love with who they are and become the most irresistible, powerful & authentic person any man would want.

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