5 Ways to Achieve Spiritual Harmony

Letting go of anything not directly in front of me—in my face—at this very moment. Detaching from any relations or things that occupy my awareness and take me away from being fully present in the here and now. What would life be like if I entered into each scene and moment of life with a brand new slate? What if I entered into each scenario and encounter with a blank canvas of curiosity versus assumption? What if I met myself and others as a question mark, over and over and over again to discover something new each time? What if the breath were a location that I continuously and consistently came back to, over and over and over again. As I inhale—ah, here I am. Here I am, with the breath. Here’s my mind, here’s my awareness, in the here and now. That is the practice—the yoga—the art of being here now.
I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s an easy thing to do, but it’s getting easier and easier the more I practice. My current lifestyle holds the space for such experiments with Truth. I’m living quite the gypsy life, roaming from country to country, city to state. I know it won’t last forever, but for now—it’s what’s happening. Work and mission is taking me to many different cultures and parts of the world. I’m very blessed to be both, simultaneously, the observer and participant. I’ve got one big suitcase with me and even that is starting to feel heavy. I want to let go of more. Not just materially, but more importantly, internally. That’s where it really counts. It looks like I’m moving around a lot, but in actuality and in truth, I’m just sitting extremely, extremely still.
Here are some ways in which you may actively engage in your pursuit of harmony between your spiritual practice and life. Soon you begin to realize that they are just one in the same. How does one see the center within the center? It’s all the same center.

Everything in life is happening, because you are saying “yes” to them. Whether that be a conscious choice or an unconscious habit—now that’s the work, that’s what you gotta look at. Nothing is an accident; everything is simply awareness. Awareness is the key to transcend any and all unconsciousness.

If you’re broke, stop filling your fridge with maca, bee pollen, cacao, fermented kimchi from the farmers market and/or organic produce from Whole Foods. Look at what you’re doing—of course you’re going to be strapped for cash and unable to pay your internet bill. I had a phase in my life where all I ate was oatmeal for months, because that’s all I could afford. The first few years as a yogi and artist are not the easiest. Another phase where I only ate fruit. Another phase where I only ate a few times a week. Get your priorities straight and in order. If you want to change an external circumstance, you gotta start within. Look at your actions and your habits.

You are creating your reality at every moment. That’s the power we have as humans with minds, imaginations and creative power. However we imagine and perceive— we create. Look at what surrounds you; what have you created? How is your intention woven into the tapestry of your day-to-day life? If something’s out of whack and needs adjustment, take a look and shift to navigate accordingly.

Intuition is one of those things not taught in the Western World. The culture in the West, for the most part, is obsessed with the workings of the mind. Frazzled, fried, overworked minds. Ouch. Let your mind chill out; get into your intuition center. Get into your instincts and gut reactions. Get to know your heart. As Ram Dass says, “The heart surrenders everything to the moment. The mind judges and holds back.” Place yourself, and land in your body to kinesthetically move through life versus through sheer mental play. The mind is only capable of so much; give yourself a break and develop keen observation skills and deeper connections with the plethora of other vantage points located within your body.

In the West, or maybe even just as humans, there is an inherent trait of this inflated ego character. Could we all just let that go for a moment and appreciate what we each and all have to share and say? “Let's trade in all our judging for appreciating. Let's lay down our righteousness and just be together.” Ram Dass is one of the true examples of Pure Love Embodied. He says as seekers on the Path, our only job here is to trade information and experiences of what we have seen along the way. As he so simply states, “We’re all just walking each other home.” When in doubt, LOVE, SERVE, REMEMBER. 

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