Cleansing Detox: 7 Easy Tips To Detoxify Your Body
How to Detoxify Your Body: 7 Easy WaysIf you feel like it's time to clean out that engine of yours then it might be time for a cleansing detox. (Don't worry, this detox is easy and great for beginners).

Cleansing detoxes do not have to involve starvation, deprivation, or a complete lifestyle change -- and successful detoxes can cleanse your body of all those toxins and impurities that have been creeping into your system.

Everyone's bodies are different so just do what feels best for you. Once you've mastered this beginner's cleansing detox, you'll be ready for something a little more intense later on.

You can try this for three days, a full week, or as long as you'd like. (However, the longer, the better).

Below are seven EASY tips to get you started on your cleansing detox:

1. Lose the booze and tobacco. If you can part with caffeine then lose that as well. But if you're a coffee-junkie then try to cut your intake to just to 1-2 cups in the morning.

2. Lose the sugar and white flour.

3. Lose the meat and all processed foods. If you can't lose all the meat then cut down your intake and stick to grass-fed, organic meat. Stick to "whole foods" -- foods that don't have labels, like fruits, vegetables, and nuts. 

Add lots of fiber. (Once again, plenty of organic fruits and veggies. Blueberries are great, so is celery).

5. Add lots of water and natural juices (maybe some coconut water or kombucha).  Plenty of liquids are key to any successful detox so try to consume at least 12-16 glasses per day (8oz to a glass).

6. Add some exercise, preferably yoga. If yoga is not your thing then walking for 20-30 minutes at a good pace should suffice.

7. Get rest and meditate! Try for 8 hours of sleep and some simple meditation if possible.

To sum it up, this easy beginner detox is heavy in fruits and veggies, and is alcohol and meat-free.  Once you've mastered this detox and you're ready for something more intense, you might want to consider something a bit more challenging and check out some of our great deals on cleanses and detoxes.

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