What Are 10 Things You Are Grateful for Today?
I keep a gratitude journal. At the end of every day, preferably right before I get into bed, I write down ten reasons I am grateful for the day that has passed. I find myself lying peacefully and dreaming sweetly with these kind moments as the last memories on my mind before I sleep.

My moments range from simple gestures of kindness to deeds I may never be able to repay, each one leaving me a lasting impression of warmth and gratitude.

Here are some things I have noted:

I am grateful for the smell of the ocean, for the sensation of the sand on my feet and for the serenity of the sailboats on the water.

I am grateful for the lady on the subway who picked up my bag today as I was struggling to gather myself.

I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time with my three sisters, parents, 93-year-old grandma -- for being able to see them smile and for having them bless my life.

I am grateful for my dedication to wellness and yoga and for the effort I put into this life commitment that I have made.

The beauty of a gratitude journal is that it is humbling. You forget about all of your complaints. You forget about your expectations. You forget to cry about failures and boast about successes. You can just be grateful.

After a few weeks, or even days, you will notice how your gratitude journal becomes something more than just a list you create at the end of every day. It becomes a way of life.

As you rush to work in the morning and a stranger holds the door for you, you will smile and feel gratitude. Those important moments that are often fleeting will reside in you for a bit longer, as you appreciate your present awareness of life and all of its beauty.

Try it. Do not forget to throw in at least two or three reasons why you are grateful for you. Self-love and appreciation sets the tone for all your other relationships in life.

What are ten things you are thankful for today?
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