8 Ways to Heal Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Recently, one of my students asked me if I could help her son heal his Carpal Tunnel. I said, “Of course I can! I've been teaching yoga for going-on fourteen years, with a specialization in yoga therapy. Piece of cake!”
First of all, what is Carpal Tunnel (CTS), and what causes it? It is a common painful disorder that occurs because the meridian nerve in the wrist is compressed or damaged. The meridian nerve controls the thumb muscle. It is also responsible for sensation felt in the thumb, the palm and the first three fingers of the hand. The carpal tunnel is a very small opening, about a quarter inch below the surface of the wrist, through which the meridian nerve passes. Compressing the tunnel injures the nerve. CTS is very common in pregnancy and also from repetitive motion injury.
Here is what I recommended
First, you should move the joint in a conscious and nourishing way. Do these stretches and exercises in the morning:
1. Circle the wrists in full range of motion, but least in any direction that causes discomfort.

2. Create full wrist flexion (with the forearm parallel to the ground, the hand moves downward so the palm faces inward). Wrist extension might hurt and is not that useful for this condition anyway.

3. Press the back of the hand into the earth so the palm is facing upward and the fingers are pointing towards you. Play around with this, and if it brings lots of relief, then you can slowly start to load the stretch and bare more weight into the stretch.
In terms of nutrition:
1. Cut out all refined sugar of any kind completely.

2. Take a high dose of B1 and B6 together three times a day.

3. Take a good quality magnesium three times a day. See my article 11 Miraculous Way Magnesium Heals Your Mind and Body.

4. Rub Arnica cream into the area daily.

5. Take these herbs daily: cayenne, turmeric, ashwaganda, St. John's wort. Ideally you can take these herbs together in water as a 1:1 extract.

Please share this article with anyone who you think might need it. Much love and light to you.

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Marcus became a yoga teacher soon after discovering yoga at University. His classes are fun, passionate and often intense. They offer students the chance to go deep within and connect with their breath and release their emotions. Marcus communicates his love of yoga through guiding each student with insight and compassion, weaving ancient wisdom with simplicity and an emphasis on the student’s experience. His primary objective is to teach a system of yoga that fully integrates the body, mind and spirit, and channels that energy to its highest potential and purpose. Marcus continues to grow his own yoga practice everyday while remaining passionate about helping others connect to theirs. He teaches private one-on-one yoga in Sydney. His business Bodhi Yoga provides quality corporate yoga classes to companies in Sydney.