6 Awesome Morning Rituals

How you set up your morning is the smallest speck of how you’re setting your week, setting your month, setting your year and therefore, setting your life. Everything you do, every action you put forth adds to the fruition of your being. Nothing you do should ever subtract! If you’re spending your precious human life time on something, there should be an exchange of you receiving something in return. It doesn’t always have to be a physical representation of whatever it is you’re working towards. Sometimes energetic stepping-stones are equally, if not more, rewarding. Here are some ideas for you to incorporate into your life to set up your very own personalized daily morning ritual.
1. “I am grateful for…”

Say thank you and make a list of 5 things you’re grateful for in your life. This will frame and set your day towards a state of gratitude and abundance for all the blessings you currently have in your field for the Universe to give you even more. And P.S. The Universe loves to hear you say thank you.
2. Water your plants.

If you don’t have any, get some. If you’re worried about killing them, get succulents or something really low maintenance that do not need a lot of attention and detail regarding water and sun. Being around plants will help ground your energy and connect you just a little bit closer to the Earth.
3. Defy gravity.

Jump on the trampoline 200x, do a headstand, do a handstand… anything that defies gravity for a few moments in time. Our bodies are moving for the most part, towards a downward magnetic pull towards the center of the Earth—see what happens when you switch and play around with that. And while you’re at it, maybe even incorporate your asana and/or pranayama practice in during this time. Get your yoga on.
4. Meditate.

Sit your butt down, cross your legs, close your eyes and meditate! Even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Ok, 2 minutes even. 30 minutes, even better. 30 minutes twice a day—more better! Nothing fancy, eyes closed, breathing, doing nothing but just that. The nervous system responds and calms when you sit down and close your eyes. And watch, once you start to get into a certain rhythm and frequency, your body will start to want more. When you get your mind and body in a new pattern that’s actually better for the state of your being-- you’ll feel the internal yearning for more… the body and the mind always responds to something that is more attractive, more benevolent, more intelligent and more fulfilling towards YOU.
5. Sing!

Yep, you heard me! Sing your favorite song! It can be mantra, the latest pop song, a 90’s hip-hop jam, whatever. Sing something. Everybody loves singing—regardless of whether you’ve got a vocal range like Mariah Carey or not—c’mon we’ve all sung in the shower or in our cars when no one’s looking. Starting the day off with the simplicity and joy of singing will bring forth more innocence, lightness and fun into the equation for your day.
6. Don’t be afraid of discipline.

Give yourself three weeks of a routine practice regardless of how foreign it may feel and you’ll see that whatever shifts you have implemented will start to assert itself into the symphony of your life! Practice, practice, practice will then become life, life, life.

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