5 Ways to Keep Your Ego in Check

I recently read a quote that said, “Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does.” OM. Word to that! How many of us know those people around the periphery of our lives that do a whole lotta preachin’ with only an ounce of practicin’? No judgment, but hey, just sayin’… if you’re gonna say something, you might as well walk your talk. I mean.. right?! Here are some ways to keep your ego, habits and behaviors in check.
1. Don’t be a hypocrite.

Sounds pretty simple, but sometimes the inner dialogue of our egoic structure is so loud, that our minds have the capability to create a fabricated story within the domain of our thoughts that we actually believe to be the truth! Get clear on what you’re saying and what you’re doing.
2. If you say something, live up to it!

Show up. be a man and/or (wo)man of your word. If what comes out of your mouth is one thing and your behavior is another—well, people are going to catch on and trust will never be built and attained around your character. You don’t want to be known as the dude or dudette who cried wolf, do ya? Be a someone that other someones can trust.
3. Concepts and ideas are different from actual living embodiment.

It’s cool to have morals, principles, guidelines, affirmations.. whatever framework you create for yourself to exceed and rise higher to the best version of yourself. Although, after a certain amount of time, those concepts and ideas you’ve acquired and placed should be moving towards a more embodied truth. Don’t fall back upon what and/or how someone else is telling you to live. Make those statements REAL FOR YOU by self-realizing and self-actualizing them to Truth.
4. Be honest

Always tell the truth. Don’t lie. Ever. Even about little, insignificant, so called ‘stupid’ things. Those little things are what will build into even bigger things to then boulders and mountains of heaviness and weight. Always tell the truth. The best part of always telling the truth is that you’ll never have to remember anything you’ve said. Instead, at all times, you’ll just be speaking from a place of frankness and openness of your being—who you really are.
5. Actions = Heart

Do you actions match the quality of your heart? Ask yourself this question with all actions you do and carry out in this world. Is every act of service a reverberation of your heart’s call? What is the seed and root of your actions? What’s the thing behind the thing that you’re actually doing? What’s your motivation? What’s your desire? What’s your intention? Get clear in you innermost state and all outer manifestations will therefore respond and re-align.

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