5 Things to Do If You're at a Crossroads

When one is at a crossroads in life, what does one do? If you’re standing on the Path and you’ve come to a fork in the road, you might notice yourself saying, “Ahh! What do I do? Do I go left, do I go right, or do I just go straight..?” How does one know which step to take towards which direction? Here are some helpful tips on how to navigate through the scenery of life with the most Trust, Knowing and Faith.
1. I’m extremely and ridiculously blessed. Everywhere I go and every step I take, I am showered with gifts from angels that are sometimes and usually, disguised as humans. They always show me the way. A few months ago I was recently at a crossroads myself. I didn’t know which way to turn—I was torn between option A, option B and option C.
I have three things in my life I turn to when I am seeking words of guidance and solace. One is The Bhagavad Gita—this holy book has the answer to any question I may be seeking. The other two are people who have been and are on this Path whom I trust and deeply respect. The responses I received from them were 1., “Be fully at the crossroads,” and 2., “My dear, decisions are of the ego. Rest on the shores of the surrendered Self.”
Everything you do and seek should, if meant to serve your highest being, will turn and point back towards your own self.
2. The questions I ask myself when I’m at a crossroads are:
  • Am I happy?
  • Am I free?
  • Do I feel held and supported?
If any answers to these questions are a “no” then move towards where your inner and outer worlds respond to as a “yes.”
3. Pray, Meditate, Practice

Spiritual practice is designed for the human being to realign with the highest possibility of what life has to offer. What a grand statement! I know. But alas, tis true. So we practice, we practice, practice, practice. We consistently and constantly come back to the practice. Why? To reset, restart, and remember for those shifts to begin and take place. After a while of practicing, those “shifts” begin to embody and settle deep into your system. Once planted and integrated to a certain degree, it never leaves. Then, it just becomes about deepening. Widening and deepening. Deepening, deepening, deepening. Keep on practicing.
4. Here’s a statement to remind yourself everyday: You are not in control. Of anything! Whew, what a relief, right? Can you imagine what life would be like if we were the conductors of it all—this great big gigantic universe? Jeez, what a job. No thanks. If you’re a control freak, you have to get over it—real quick. The sooner the better. Do yoga  that helps in opening your hips and jaw. Especially around your femur bones. If the door says pull, pushing won’t do you any good.
5. Have fun! You can only plan for so much. Sometimes plan, but sometime wing it. Your only job is to listen and respond to the call. If you feel like you can’t hear—well, get better at listening. So, open your heart, sing your song and dance…fully!!

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