Get to Know Your Sexual Energy

I just can’t help myself,” she said. “The warmth of energy just.. arises and pours through every part of my body and it’s so hard to say no.”
Welcome to sexual energy 101. It just so happens that our human bodies are run off of sexual energy. Sexual energy is a part of us. Sexual energy can be a whirlwind to navigate through if not harnessed and well acquainted. Let’s get clear on our definition of what these words even mean.
As human beings, we posses an innate quality that is the root for all expression and form. In these modern days we live in, it can be a challenge to see clearly what this energy actually is and where it is coming from.
Sexual energy and creativity—if not expressed—can be repressed, blocked, stagnant and overall, depressing. When one feels like that channel is being released out into the world through manifestation of motion and flow, there is a quality of freedom, joy, radiance and light.
Sexual energy doesn’t mean just having SEX. In terms of sexual energy being expressed as sex, my friend says humans have the opportunity to hold themselves as one would carry a sword—not too tight, not too loose—just right. When sexual energy is “leaking” and haphazardly spilling out all over the place, there’s an element of unconsciousness and irresponsibility. When sexual energy is consciously contained in the domain of sexual desires, when unconscious urges mature into conscious actions—that’s when the potential of sexual energy has the capacity to be deeply, wholey and holy experienced.
It’s natural to feel sexual. We as human beings are sexual beings. That’s a fact and there’s no way of escaping that. Get to know yourself and attune your sexual energy to where you want it to go and who you’re giving it to, who you’re receiving it from, who and what you’re engaging in whatever situation and or experience with. Own your sexuality and act upon it in an embodied manner vs. letting it control your every action and thought. Don’t let it run you as a wild beast—instead, use it to fuel and empower your decisions on how you will hold it instead of it holding you.
Penetration aside, sexual energy also can be channeled in the form of creativity. It’s the same thing.  Use your sexual energy to be the seed for your creative pursuits, projects and practices. That kinesthetic sensation you feel when you would usually penetrate or be penetrated? Feel into it and see what it would be like if instead of engaging and acting upon releasing that energy outside of you, hold it and contain it inside of you. Create a piece of art, make something, express yourself! Or here’s a real advanced practice you can try—have sex, or have sex with yourself, masturbate, but don’t let yourself splurge out your orgasm. Keep your orgasm inside of you. Feel what it’s like to really get to know what passion energy is when it runs through your veins, allow your blood to fully encapsulate what it means to stream sexual energy through your body.
If the human heart is a prerequisite for being alive as a human and allows the functioning of our lungs to receive the input and output of breath which therefore then gives the signal to the blood in our body to circulate and give nutrients and take away waste… then what does that say about what sexual energy has the capacity of igniting and fueling within our system? GET TO KNOW YOUR SEXUAL ENERGY!

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