13 Tips for Healthy Travel

Here are some of my favorite tips to best deal with long flights, layovers, airline food, shortage of water on flights and body/mind balance maintenance.
1. Take a squishy pillow that molds and stuffs into your carry on bag—but has the ability to poof back out into an arm rest, head pillow, additional leaning support, neck brace, etc.

2. Peppermint oil—great for awakening the brain after long layovers or flights if feeling groggy and “spaced out.” Only a drop is needed at the base of the skull—around the area of your brain canal. Instant wake up!

3. Bring a water canister onto the plane. The cups airlines give the passengers for water are way too small. Must stay hydrated while thousands of meters up in the air.

4. Scarf—a scarf is great because you can wrap it around your neck for extra head support (so you don’t get any janked up muscles from leaning the weight of your head to the side), you can roll it up into a nori/burrito roll and place in between your lumbar spine and chair—extra support on the lower back so crunching doesn’t happen and can be used as a snuggly blanket if you get cold during your flight.

5. Bring foods with lots of water in them. Oranges, cucumbers, bell peppers, etc.

6. Bring healthy nibbles: nuts, dried fruit, etc.

7. Tea bags: peppermint, ginger, tumeric—all great for bloating and digestion—being so high up in the atmosphere can mess around with the organs and water retention of the body.

8. A book, journal/notebook, pens—to read and/or to write. Where are you going? Where are you coming from? What experiences did you have? What are you looking forward to on your next adventure? Who did you meet that changed your life? What’s this next chapter going to be like? What was the last chapter like? What did you learn? What are you doing?

9. Say hi to the person next to you. On my last flight I sat next to someone so rad. The only thing I remember about the flight itself was hearing it take off—we were talking and laughing the entire ride. And when the plane comes down, you realize wow, you just made a new friend!

10. Handstand, headstand, backbends, triangle pose—are all postures you can do in the hallway near the bathroom quarters and/or flight attendant’s work area. The body can get real sardine can-ish on packed flights—do what you gotta do to feel more at ease and open.

11. Sweater—you can wear this if you get cold on the flight AND you can also fold it up nicely and place it under you butt. If you put your sit bones directly on top of the folded sweater, your hips will be a bit more elevated than your knees which will allow for more ease around your muscles and bones around the pelvic region. Especially the hip flexors.

12. Jetlag—keep your awareness internal and you won’t get jetlag. Don’t let outside clocks dictate your inner state. Stay inside and moving through the outside will be more easeful and less of a drastic shift.

13. Sleep, breathe, try to be as comfortable as you can. Bon Voyage and safe travels!

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