How Can We Overcome Poverty Consciousness?

Stepping back into the Western world has been, well, interesting. Western minds have some curious habits and tendencies that could use some tending to. There seems to be an overall (I’m generalizing and obviously not speaking for the entire population if you didn’t pick that up already) atmosphere of poverty consciousness. What exactly is poverty consciousness? It means there’s a frequency of “this is not enough” in the bodymind. Because of this seed that’s taken place in the soil, manifested actions have an element of selfishness, greed, entitlement and ego around it. When I see it, it weirds me out and is extremely disappointing. Get over it. Here are some ways in which may help you exit out of poverty consciousness and step into the state of Oneness.

I was part of a conversation once—and by part of,  I mean I was listening to the other two conversating as I didn’t feel like chiming in—I wasn’t too interested in what they were talking about. They were speaking of how in their professional field, when they recommend someone to take their place in case of unavailability for an event, they contact someone who is “less than” them in terms of capability and what they have to offer. It didn’t really make sense so I asked why. They said, “Well, you don’t want to put someone who’s better than you—cos then they’ll replace you.” I was bit shocked by these words more so because of the person they were coming from—but accepted it as this is just where this person was at. Isn’t it more important for the people who are receiving  what the person has to offer vs. the person him or herself? I suppose not in this case. This is poverty consciousness and manipulating maneuvering. This the level at which this person is operating from. Get over it. Thought we were working on the same team for the same goal, Ram Ram, but hey, in this case, maybe not.

One of the greatest things about being a teacher and healer is I get to share my experiences and stories with all y’all through the medium of writing. I feel so blessed to be able to have this gift and platform to share. Here’s the thing though, I see my words being used in other places quite blatantly with the intention to assume it’s residency stemming from Location B vs. Location A. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this—inspiration comes from everywhere, from life, from people, from God—there’s no such thing as ownership of ideas. Although, there is something to be said about honoring the offering and respecting where it’s coming from. There’s a difference between taking and sharing.

If you teach people to live in a state of Oneness and connectivity with God and Self, you better be doing it too. If you’re audio does not match your video, that makes you a hypocrite. Strong word, right? You no longer are real and you then become fake. Your words are simply concepts and ideas versus real life embodiment.

One of the greatest things about living within the Eastern framework is all eyes are on the Highest Truth. Community, ritual, prayer, offering, generosity, sharing, truthfulness, care, nurturing, helping, supporting, loving and authenticity. The Western world can get confusing to navigate because there is so much conditioning we have to filter out as a culture. We’re fed so much crap since we’ve been children that by the time we’re adults, it is a challenge to decipher what is really true vs. what has been fed to us that we assume to be true. The Eastern is much simpler in terms of the cerebral quarters of the mind. Get out of your head and into your heart. Adopt traits from the Eastern model that better serve your being on a larger scale. Om.

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