Easy Does It

Overheard: “You are just lucky – you are so naturally flexible.... Obviously being muscular is in your genetics.”
First of all: who cares?! 

What is the point of comparing yourself to any other person or worse, judging another person – you are you – be the best you! It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. Second: heck no!

For me, it took years of showing up every day to my mat and putting in the work and patience to move with ease. Ease doesn’t come easily for everyone – ease takes work for those of us who weren’t born with the “whatever” temperament.
An injury proved to be one of my greatest teachers in finding ease. After learning that all of my years and years of lower back pain was stemming from two broken vertebrae in my back, I had to learn to move through my whole spine – rather than just snapping (or “breaking”) in one place just for the sake of a deeper back bend. Moving intelligently requires thought and diligence, and prevents injury. When you do eventually find the way in which your body feels the best, it releases, and often times takes you places you never thought possible
Finding ease in “trickier” postures comes down to building the necessary strength (mostly core, a bit of arms), gaining the flexibility (hamstrings for handstand, hips for some arm balances, etc) and taking the patience to put in the time to figure out where your body feels the best in any given posture. That may not look like anyone else, and that’s okay!  It usually isn’t beneficial to try and conform your body to look like some picture you have seen – the pose will be the most beautiful when it feels the most beautiful in you and in your body. Pictures are great for inspiration, but not to make a carbon copy at your bodies’ expense.
Another part of finding ease is that it can take work: you can’t just show up to class and expect things to eventually come if you do the same thing every time. Each breath is an opportunity for exploration as to where your body feels like going on any given day – use that opportunity – it can take you to new and exciting places you never thought possible. MY hips? Were tight as anything when I started practicing yoga. It took a lot of patience, breath and not forcing to open – and they open more and surprise me each and every day when I allow the breath to release my body into things. This, in turn, makes things like flying crow or compass infinitely easier.
It’s pretty cool to exhale and all of a sudden be somewhere you never thought possible – expanding the space in your body is no different than expanding the space in your mind and in your life. 

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Creator and producer of Microsoft Bing Fitness Yoga, Creator of CrossFlowX, creator and star of Revive Yoga with Heidi Kristoffer, as well as yoga and vegan expert for SHAPE.com, Heidi is a yoga instructor who leads workshops and retreats across the globe and at The Movement in NYC . Known for her happy, light-hearted approach, Heidi’s goal is to make yoga and deliciously healthy eating accessible to everyone. A former award winning actress of stage, film and television, Heidi makes it her mission to bring happiness to everyone through every medium.

Rated one of the: Hottest Trainers in America 2014 by Shape Magazine, most inspiring yoga teachers in the world by DoYouYoga, and most popular instructors in NYC by RateYourBurn, Heidi has been featured on Veria Living Live TV, interviewed by and featured in SHAPE, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan Germany, and many other publications.