5 Communication Tips to Help You Get What You Want and Change the World!

Everything you do in life is a form of communication. From your body language to your words to your clothes - everything you say or do is a message that you're sending out into the universe. Learning how to communicate clearly is the foundation for a successful life.

The key is thinking about what you want - not about what you don't want. With clear and powerful thinking and communication you can get it. Whether you are on the path of self-improvement, looking to get a promotion, searching for your soul mate, knowing how to communicate will help you achieve your goals. 

Here are five communication tips to help you get whatever you want in life and change the world:

1. Be Authentic

First and foremost, you must be true to yourself. Ask yourself why you want what you want, and make sure those reasons are aligned with your true self. For example, maybe you are trying to turn your hobby or passion into a full-time business - ask yourself why you want to monetize this part of your life. If it's because you 'hate your day job' or because it will 'make your parents proud' then  perhaps you aren’t doing it for the right reasons. Your communication and goals should be grounded in authenticity. When you are true to yourself, things will flow, and your business or whatever you are working towards will naturally grow and expand.
2. Focus on What You're Communicating 

Make sure you are sharing a message that is consistent with what you believe in. When you are passionate about something your message will be inspiring and well thought out. How you communicate, as in where you are or what medium you use, is less important than the message itself.
3. Be Consistent

Always be consistent. Ask yourself what it is you want to achieve and let your inner self guide you. Don’t ever deviate form who and what you are.

4. Give Your Best Effort Every Time

I love the Buddihist quote, “I can only give my best to others when I am in touch with the best in myself.” Make sure you are taking care of yourself. When you do reach out, align your intentions and ground them in love. Speaking from the heart will help you have a stronger connection with the people you are trying to communicate with.
5. Know that We Are All One

When it comes to making a difference, know that you have the power to make a statement. When you help another person, they help you. When someone else helps you, you instantly feel better and more connected. By being more compassionate and open-minded we can expand our communication skills to a global level and not only change our personal relationships (and get everything we want), but more importantly, we can change the world!