Your Body Doesn't Need to Be "Wrong"

It can take courage to be honest with ourselves when we say we want to change. Healthy change requires vulnerability and the ability to embrace what already is, without creating judgment around it.

Have you ever had the joy of looking in the mirror without judgement? What if everything you judge as wrong with your body locks it into place, leaving no space for change? If you judge your body in saying “I’m too fat,” do you really want to receive more of that? Do you believe you have to create a wrongness in your life before you decide to create change? 

I used to believe I had to regulate everything I put into my body, monitor how much I exercised and believed if I didn’t it would fall apart. I was afraid of my own body. I didn’t trust that it knew how to function on its own and God forbid it should ever get sick, the ultimate betrayal! I spent most of my time simply frustrated and confused with my body, completely unaware of its efficient workings! Your body is a mirror to what you believe and in believing my body would get sick if I let my guard down, that’s what I received.

Instead of feeling like your body is a burden, something you have to take care of and drag around, can you imagine looking in the mirror and seeing it as an amazing gift? Are you willing to give up defining your body as a problem and start a new conversation?

Try these possibilities for creating a new relationship with your body...

- You don’t need to judge yourself ruthlessly or fixate on what’s wrong to create something new. What if there’s nothing “wrong” about you? Are you willing to enjoy your body “as is” and start creating new possibilities from there? If not now, when?

- Let go of trying to be perfect. Perfection is only a series of judgements that you try to fit your world into while judging everything as not perfect. Would you rather have a perfect life or a life where there is constant choice?

- Are you trying to be like someone else? There is no one on this earth that has your same experiences or your perspective. Are you ready to get on your own team and start sharing your love, talents and abilities with the world as a gift to all? Embrace your uniqueness and go be all of that!

- Imagine living life as if it was the last few seconds you had, practicing moment to moment presence. What awareness would you be when you ate your food? How much more allowing would you be willing to extend in your relationship with yourself and others? How engaged would you be in everyday life, from washing dishes to making love?

In the state of allowing you are free to actually choose your life! You don’t need to make yourself wrong or judge yourself to create something new. As we let go of what we “think” should be happening, a space opens for constant change and a wondrous way to living life unfolds!  

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