$10 Yoga in New York City?!
Happy hour? Nope. Cardio boot camp class? Try again. $10 yoga at Strala Yoga's new studio could very well be the best deal in New York City. Period. Did I mention that Strala is run by one of the best yogis around, Tara Stiles (yes, she teaches Deepak, too), and her husband, Michael Taylor, teaches there, too. Michael has studied and practiced Eastern movement and healing techniques for more than two decades?

Not only is this a ridiculously good deal and the instructors are second-to-none, the Strala space is gorgeous: it's a huge loft with twenty-foot ceilings so you'll never have to worry about bumping into someone in downward dog.

$10 yoga. All day. Every day. Check out their schedule at StralaYoga.com

Strala Yoga
632 Broadway, #602
New York, NY
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