Yoga Cures...Sugar Cravings! Tara Stiles' 4 Poses to Help Us Beat Sugar

Sugar was recently called "a driving force behind some of this country's leading killers, including heart disease." But our friend Tara Stiles has a cure for sugar cravings -- yoga!

That's right, add sugar cravings to the list of things that yoga can cure. From her new book that is the 'yoga cure', Tara shares some of her thoughts:

"Cravings and addictions have to do with not being in the present moment, and often not wanting to be. This is where the vice comes in, whether it's sugar, other foods, drugs, or alcohol. Yoga is all about being in the present moment and paying attention to what is going on with you, right now. Dealing with it is more useful in healing addictions and facing cravings than mindlessly masking our feelings with food, drugs, or alcohol. This routine is designed to bring your attention away from cravings and back in touch with your breath, and in tune with your body. Do this routine three times a week to cure the cravings."

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