Creating Space Between You and Your Vice
I often find myself thinking about how different our experience is from one day to the next. Even if we go through all the same motions and do all the same things; our experience of a day is always subject to our state of mind. No matter how hard we try to hold onto a day that felt so wonderful, the moment inevitably passes and another day surely dawns.

Day by day, we do what we do and most of us create habits, mostly, I think to make ourselves feel more secure. With all the uncertainty of life, our habits create a safety blanket…even the negative ones. ‘I may not know the truth of my existence, but at least, this cigarette brings me comfort’ or ‘I have no idea why I am alive, but putting on my suit everyday and making money gives me a sense of purpose’ and so on. Could it be that all our habits are just filling the void of the vast unknown? It’s a possibility. So, what’s the big deal?

I suppose, it’s the fact that we so easily become slaves to our habits and that our habits can often lead to addictions. Now then, when broaching the subject of addictions, I am not strictly talking about substance abuse; this applies to our work life, our relationships, not just with people, but with possessions, our social life and so on. Everything we do is somehow rooted in a cycle of doing and craving what makes us feel good and avoiding (or completely denying) what makes us feel bad. And from experience, it’s very difficult to change a habit pattern overnight. As long as we are still judging an experience as good or bad, somehow, it’ll creep back in – in one form or another. For example: Quit smoking only to replace it with overeating, stop drinking only to replace it with constant negative judgments on people who do drink. You get the idea.  

My personal experience has demonstrated the power of mental equanimity and a regular yoga practice (including breathing exercises, postures and meditation) to slowly disengage you from your negative habit patterns. Through making direct conscious contact with your higher self, you are promoting awareness, which naturally seems to dissolve negative habits.  

Ultimately, it’s up to every individual to learn their own lessons. The more aware we become, the more we are able to recognize our true self versus the habits we adopt over a lifetime.  

Creating Space Between You and Your Vice 

I am aware of my vices and I accept them. I am not defined by them, nor am I committed to them. They are there and I am willing to release them when that time comes, which could be tomorrow, or could be 10 years from now. I allow myself to witness that through pure, unconditional acceptance, learned destructive patterns lesson their grip and make room for more balance and peace.  

With all that said, it’s important to remember not to judge a vice as ‘bad’ and no vices as ‘good.’ It’s all just an experience on this great unfolding journey into Divine Oneness. Just accept what you do in every moment and observe.

Let me know what happens…from one day to the next!

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