NY Giants Prep for Super Bowl with Yoga
So how are the New York Giants preparing for tomorrow's Super Bowl? Yoga! The Giants have been hitting the mat all season with yoga teacher, Gwen Lawrence.

Gwen has been working with the Giants for eleven years and tells FOX:
“These are pretty active, high intensity classes. We do a lot of long, deep holds, some vinyasa.... In-season, I come in on Mondays and do post-game restorative work with the players... I can’t just go in there and kick their butts and expect full-body participation.”
The routine changes week-to-week and varies according to position:
“You also have to take into account the different positions... An offensive lineman is obviously different than a receiver – the demands on their bodies are different – but there are basic moves that benefit any position.”
Lawrence explains how yoga makes them better football players:
“My philosophy is, strength plus flexibility equals power on the field.  Doing these moves not only keeps players less injury prone – because a tight, rigid body is more likely to crack and break – but they also translate into power. Think of it this way. You have a bow and arrow, and the bow string is strong and unbreakable, but if it’s too tight, you can only pull it back an inch and the arrow flops down on the ground.  But when the string is flexible, you can pull it far back, and the arrow has more power.”
Yoga also helps them mentally:
“We’re working on mental toughness, too. Sometimes you have players with pre-game anxiety, and the breathing techniques they learn in yoga can help them cope.”
What's the players favorite post-game pose? 

Namaste to that!

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