Handstands Heal

When I was 18, I was in a serious car accident that let to what I was told would be "permanent damage" to my neck and cervical spine. My doctors at the time told me that I would never regain full mobility in the movement of the neck. I went to physical therapy for a few months, followed by years of chiropractic work. 

Upon moving to NYC after college, I stopped all of that treatment, as it didn’t seem to do anything for the amount of pain that I experienced in my neck and upper back. (I wasn’t quite sure what it was doing at all, other than taking up a lot of my time and money.) 

Then, I started practicing yoga. I had heard it was good for your back, so I was decidedly optimistic about making it all feel better, which it did, quite a bit!  Then, I started practicing headstands. Then, things did not feel so good.  In fact, my back down right revolted – going into spasm every place possible. 

When I finally went to get it checked out, the MRI of my Cervical Spine revealed a herniated disc between C-5 and C-6 (a result of the trauma from the car accident.) I was told by my doctors in no uncertain terms to cease practicing headstands immediately. I did. As I result, my body began to thrive with my yoga practice: feel better, longer and stronger each and every day. Skip to a bit later in my practice, when I started playing around with handstands and forearm stands. Along with the herniated disc in my neck, I also have two broken vertebrae in my lumbar spine. As a result, when I approach the physical postures of yoga, it has always been extremely important to me to focus on core work and strengthening even the tiniest of muscles that surround the spine, seeing as the alternative was surgery, which was not something I was interested in.

It is no secret that I LOVE inversions. Any time it feels right, and I have the opportunity, I am upside down. Jump back? Handstand. Jump forward? Handstand. Standing Split? Handstand. Bad mood? Go upside down, I’ll flip my perspective and literally turn my frown upside down. Neck hurts? Inversion time so I can feel gravity lengthening out my spine. Shoulder tight? Forearm stands are my favorite remedy – feels soooo great! The last couple of years of my life have been spent largely upside down – it makes me feel grounded, strong, long, and so, so happy.

A few weeks ago, I went in to get a check-up MRI on my cervical spine. When I went to go see my doctor for the results, he informed me with incredulity that the herniation in my neck was gone! I had successfully re-lengthened my cervical spine through all of the yoga and inversions, reversing the damage, healing my neck! My doctor fully supports this theory: the healing is a result of the lengthening and strengthening from yoga and inversions.

Handstands heal! How cool is that?!

I've experienced the healing powers of yoga firsthand -- has yoga healed you as well?

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About the Author

Heidi Kristoffer, creator and producer of Microsoft Bing Fitness Yoga, is a yoga instructor who leads workshops and retreats across the globe and at Strala Yoga in NYC. She is a true believer that yoga cures: lengthening and strengthening through yoga helped heal a herniated disc in Heidi's cervical spine and prevented surgery on two broken vertebrae in her lumbar spine. Stemming from her desire to use yoga as a tool to heal and strengthen the body, Heidi maintains an intense focus on core integration and alignment and believes that playfulness is vital--always balancing strength with levity. A vegan and yoga expert for SHAPE.com, Heidi is always looking for the most delicious ways to fuel and re-fuel before and after yoga.

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