What Are You Waiting For? Take One Giant Leap!

They say our biggest fear as humans is the fear of death, and that this fear underlies all our actions; all our actions since the dawn of our existence. If this is the case, we are most certainly dwelling in a world of fear. This fear creates our patterns, our choices and it infiltrates everything we do and everything we think we are. If we understand this to be true, how do we break this cycle? So many teachings are out, books published, speakers speaking. And yet, on an individual level it can be near impossible to access any kind of real liberation. We are forever trapped in our patterns. The habit patterns of our mind, our actions and reactions; it’s all being proliferated into our environment. Our societies are damned by the fear of our ancestors. It’s all just happening inside and all around us; we have no control.

So much has gone before. How can one person make a difference? Interwoven in all the fear is powerlessness and loss of self-worth. We are not worthy unless we have lots of money, or are thin and beautiful or are well educated. Somewhere along the way, we lost a very real, important and integral part of ourselves. The fear banished it and ever since we have been struggling to get it back, to regain any sense of sanity and truth.  

There is one Universe. There is one planet Earth. There is only one you. And there is only one me. In the spiritual world…there is only One. All is One.

I believe we all exist for a reason. Our purpose: to experience this Oneness for ourselves. To experience the truth of our own nature.

And so, if this is true. What are we waiting for? Are we waiting to be given the green light? Are we waiting for someone to hold our hand and lead the way? Are we waiting for the fear to go away? If you are waiting for some sign to appear you may be waiting for long time.

For whatever reason, I know this stuff to be true... and not just for me. It’s been written down by me and many others. It’s an expression of something far greater than us alone and comes from deep within, where there are no boundaries and no thoughts. Just a stream of consciousness. And this stream is infinitely connected to the Oneness; as are we. And the only way to experience it is to let go, breathe and forget everything you think you know. The light’s been green forever and the person you are waiting for is you…you have to hold your own hand because wherever it is you need to go... it is only you who knows the way. Just trust and believe and know that all the mistakes, all the pain and suffering is the key to your own liberation. Stop giving your power away and start believing that everything you need is already within you and that when you are ready, the light of love, grace and beauty will be waiting.

May we all support one another through these continual changes and shifts, so that when the time comes we can let go of all the fear and take this One Giant Leap. 

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About the Author

Molly has been practicing yoga for 18 years and has been teaching in the UK for 5. She is continually amazed and inspired by miracles, the expansiveness of love and the never-ending awesome journey of life. She is committed to living in unconditional love & acceptance, deepening her understanding of the law of attraction & positive intention and developing herself by tuning into the wisdom and creativity from within. She believes that breath awareness is the foundation to a more peaceful and harmonious life.

She is currently enjoying life in North Devon, UK.

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