6 Tips to Let Go of the Old & Bring in the New

One of the most common challenges amongst human beings is the concept of "letting go." Whether that be in relationships, memories, things we don’t use anymore and even articles of old clothing—things we haven’t worn in years, sometimes even decades. For some reason, death is a feared concept. Isn’t death just as natural as birth? Isn’t letting go just as important as bringing in? Here are some tips on how to practice “OUT with the OLD and IN with the NEW.” 

1. First of all, you gotta make space. If you’re cramped with “stuff” all up in your grill, you don’t even have the room to bring anything into your life. It’s a simple concept. Say good bye to anything in your life that does not serve a purpose. What doesn’t serve a purpose is stagnant. What is stagnant around you also keeps you stagnant. It sounds harsh, but it’s true. If it doesn’t serve you, your being-ness, your life, your growth, your well being in any way, let it go.

2. Take inventory of what you need and what you don’t need. You know how shop keepers “take inventory” on their stock so they know what to order for their next purchase? They do this to supply for the needs of their customers. Do this in your own life. What are your needs? What do you need to nurtue? What can you let fall away? The more you let go of unnecessary baggage that is just taking up space in your life, the more you can direct your energy towards what needs nourishment, sunlight and fuel. It’s called knowing where to place your attention with organization and clarity. If baggage has a purpose, it won’t be over weight. Travel light.

3. Ask yourself the question, “How does (insert person/place/thing here) enhance the well being and state of my life?” If the answer to this question is anything other than positive, you should probably let it go. Let it go meaning drop it, leave it, walk away, be done with it. So often people stick with ( _____ ) because they are afraid of what life will be like outside of what they’re comfortable with and what they already know. Take a chance. Trust your instincts to serve you in the quality of your life. Take refuge in the unknown to give you something better. Trust in the void of potentiality. Give yourself the opportunity to make your life bigger than what you already know.

4. Switch the thought around. Instead of asking yourself, “How do I let go?” ask the question, “What do I choose to hold onto?” It’s a way more empowering statement and forces you to take responsibility in all areas of your life. What are you choosing to have close to you? What relationships are you choosing to show up in? What career are you choosing to spend your time mastering? What activities do you choose to engage in and spend your time doing? What and how do you choose to spend the moments and minutes in your day? What are you choosing to do? At the end of the questioning, you’ll see that your own finger is being pointed right back at you.

5. Study nature. The process of letting go is happening all around us. Look at a tree for example. The tree outside your window that’s been there for at least 73 years has endured the hardship of winter as well as the flourishing abundance of spring. Its arms lay barren as the leaves prepare for their death during the transition into fall. In winter, completely falling off its branches and disintegrating into the soil where the roots lay. Spring brings forth life to the tree with the budding seeds of potential growth. What blooms forth are the colors and shades of life for the bustling activity of the summer. Fall comes again and the cycle then repeats. Get used to this. The cycle is the only thing we can truly count on not to change.

6. What doesn’t change is actually change. That’s the one thing we can really depend on—that change is happening, whether you like it or not. It’s ever evolving and constant. The sooner you accept this and hop on the ride the easier it gets. If you want any type of growth or enhanced or evolved state of living, you have to practice letting go. If you hold onto things and grasp onto life that carries no life, your soul will be bleak. Your soul will be very sad. When our soul is sad, life becomes miserable and monotonous. When life becomes monotonous it’s flat. Flat like old soda pop- zero carbonation, no buzz, no tingle. Life is meant to be tingly. Life is meant to be lived! With a high vibration and a great throbbing pulse. Let go and let live. BE FREE! Practice letting go. Be shocked and pleasantly surprised what life starts to bring into your direction. It will only get better, I promise.

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