10 Mind-Blowing Infographics From 2011


From junk food, to the pharmaceutical industry, to sitting -- 2011 was filled with some pretty awesome infographics. Here are the ten that blew our mind.

Did you know that 59 percent of adult males eat at fast food restaurants regularly? That's just one of the unsettling dude facts from this infographic.
This infographic sheds light on the insane amount of spending the pharmaceutical industry does, specifically in marketing to doctors.
In 1970 the average slice of pizza had 500 calories and now it's up to 850 calories! That's just one of the many disturbing facts in this infographic.
Did you know that the average American consumes 14,820 pounds of meat over their lifetime? (Gross!) This is just one of the interesting facts in this infographic.
Yes, it just might be. You'll think twice about sitting down for a long period of time after seeing this.
Did you know that non-organic hot peppers are treated with 97 different pesticides. Before you go shopping you'll want to look at this infographic on fruits, veggies, and pesticides.
What's in McDonald's Oatmeal? Well, you probably don't what to know. But if you do.... here you go.
If the previous slide got you off soda and onto "fruit drinks", well, you might not be doing much better. Fruit drinks often have more calories and more sugar than soda.
Did you know that the average American drank almost 45 gallons of soda in 2010? Yep, that and more here.
We figured we had to end on a positive note...hence this awesome and simple happiness infographic!

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