Top 10 Posts of 2011


We've had some amazing posts this year. Starting at number 10 and counting down to number 1, here are 2011's most popular posts.

We love when scientific studies support the health benefits of yoga and meditation. And when a study supports sexual benefits as we well -- you have one popular study.
The story behind this used yoga mat for sale for a $1 might be the funniest thing many of us have ever read. Prepare to laugh out loud. 
You'll never look at the golden arches the same way again after seeing this.
Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine, not only bared all for cancer awareness, but also gave a pretty awesome testimonial about how yoga "revolutionized" his life
Think you're too old to start yoga? Think again! Check out these six inspirational yogis in their nineties!
Don't think that meditation can make an observable difference in your life and appearance? This series of photos will convince you.
This parable on body image not only went viral but also prompted a great discussion.
Nadya Andreeva told us about ten food combinations which present challenges to our digestive system.
I was fortunate enough to talk with Miranda about everything from her wellness journey, yoga practice, passion for organics, spirituality (including Louise Hay), and more. 
If I had to describe the qualities that make for the 'ultimate' yogi, this would be it.

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