Relinquish the Title of Victim, Make Your Past an Asset
We all have a past. We all have a history. We have all had some challenging, unpleasant experiences. We have all had some joyful, beautiful moments as well. Some have a history that is more intense and turbulent than others. Some people have been through great suffering and hardship. With compassion and empathy we acknowledge the challenge to overcome this.

But there is a way.

All of your experiences have led you to this moment here. Right now. Just like a snakes and ladders game, sometimes you went up the ladder and sometimes you fell down the snake. Either way, where you are right now, has been a step by step process of the past.

Many people see their past as a liability. "I didnt have 'this' when I grew up, therefore I am not worthy of abundance." "No-one loved me as a child, therefore I am unlovable." "This person abused me, therefore I am weak and vulnerable."

There is no doubt that some experiences of the past are very challenging, and the scars and memories are deep. However, if we transcend those thought forms in meditation, transcend into Pure Consciousness expanding our state of awareness, we are able to see the past with a new perspective.

Those previous experiences can be seen as an asset that compels you to take the appropriate steps to self empowerment. The suffering associated with the past can be your catalyst for growth and expansion into your own lovingness and radiance.

For example:

When I was younger I had severe panic attacks and depression. It lasted a number of years and became very debilitating. I have gratitude now for this time of my life. As unpleasant as it was, it compelled me into the world of meditation and spiritual enquiry. It became the catalyst for change in my life, which led me to the 'now'.

So we can ask ourselves, what was my past able to teach me? What valuable asset can I turn that past into?

Is it teaching me to love myself more?

Is it teaching me that I AM worthy of abundance?

Is it teaching me that I AM capable of achieving success in my life?

From this moment on we can't change the past, however we can change our perception of the past. By shifting it from a liability that holds us back, to an asset that propels us forward, we then alter the path of our destiny.

It's time to relinquish the title of victim and embrace the title of creator! 
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About the Author

Tom is the founder of The Stillness Project, a global movement with the mission of inspiring 1 billion people to sit in meditation daily. Prior to this he led a very successful 26-year career in finance as a broker, trading swaps and bonds for global investment banks.

A few years into his career Tom embraced meditation as a tool for stress management. Now Tom devotes his time fulfilling his mission through The Stillness Project.

He has taught thousands of people how to meditate, he travels the world presenting keynote talks, hosting retreats, he is an author, mentor and also currently producing a film on untapped human potential. Tom is now recognised as a global leader in the field of meditation.