Change Your Self-Perception, Change Your Reality
Once upon a time there was a farmer in Northern India at the foot of the Himalayas. For a long time he had wanted an eagle as a pet. Many times he had tried to catch one from a perch high above, yet they kept flying off from his grasp.

One day he realized he could steal an egg from the eagle nest and hatch it under one of his hens. So he climbed the mountain and took the egg from the eagle nest and planted it under his brooding hen.

Eventually the eaglet hatched and was immediately taken under the care of the mother hen. The eagle grew up in the cramped pen, scratching through the food scraps with the other hens, and confined to the small chicken run.

Then one day, high high above, an eagle flew by and caught a glimpse of what looked like another eagle in the hen coop. She flew down and said to the eagle,  "What are you doing here with these hens, scratching around in all these food scraps? You should be high in the sky soaring like me!"

To which the eagle in the coop replied, "But I'm a hen, this is where I belong. I might look like you but really, I'm just a hen and this is where I belong."

The elder eagle enthusiastically insisted to him that he should be free of these limitations and reaching for the sky. But alas, the eagle in the pen was so convinced of his upbringing that he was merely a hen and the far off skies were not within his reach.

Are dogma, conditioning, family culture, programming, peers, society, media, out-dated thought forms and preconceived ideas about yourself keeping you confined to a small space when really you have the capacity and creative potential to soar like an eagle ???

Within us all, regardless of background, is untapped creative potential, and the relative field is the blank canvas for us to manifest it in.

Is it time to break free and re-write that program of who you are and what you are capable of ? Self perception defines our reality. We change the self-perception, we change the reality.
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Tom is the founder of The Stillness Project, which is the world’s largest meditation event. This will be an experience with over 1,000,000 people meditating together to create a paradigm shift for the planet. Tom has recently left a 26 year successful career in finance to fulfil his mission to inspire 1 billion people to sit in stillness daily. He is doing this through The Stillness Project, retreats, keynote talks and a feature film.