Study: Cellphones May Harm Brain Cells, Memory, Pregnancy
A new study suggests that cellphones may harm memory, brain cells, and pregnancy in rats, mice, and rabbits. But what about humans?

The LA Times reports:
In one of the studies reviewed in Istanbul, mice exposed to two hours per day of radio frequency emissions from a transmitting cellphone were less able to to learn and rerun mazes, suggesting that cellphone radiation might impair spatial memory -- the kind of recall that helps us navigate  from place to place. A second study found that the barrier between bloodstream and brain that protects the latter from most toxins became more permeable when male rats (although not females) were exposed to 20 minutes of radio frequency radiation such as that emitted by cellphones. A third study found that exposing pregnant and non-pregnant rabbits to six minutes a day of electromagnetic radiation led to the release of "secondary messengers, such as free radicals," which in turn destroyed DNA and fat molecules. (The babies born after such exposures, however, were fine).
This is the second study in 2011 which has suggested that too much cellphone use isn't good for the brain or the body.

What do you think?

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