Watch Christy Turlington's 'No Woman, No Cry'
Did you know that a woman dies every 90 seconds from complications of pregnancy? 90% of these deaths are preventable. Christy Turlington is looking to raise awareness surrounding maternal mortality through her organization, Every Mother Counts and her film No Woman, No Cry.

You can watch the eye-opening and inspirational film on YouTube for free until May 16h and you can also check listings on Oprah's OWN Network.

So why is this issue so important to Christy?

While giving birth to her first child Christy experienced complications which if not treated immediately, could have resulted in her own death. So if this could happen in a first-world country like America, what about all the third-world countries which had little or no access to medical care? Christy wanted answers so she traveled the globe (on her own dime) and received a Masters in Public Health from Columbia to learn more about maternal mortality -- leading to her groundbreaking film, No Woman, No Cry and her organization, Every Mother Counts.

To learn more about Christy's journey, here's a great seven-minute story that aired yesterday on CBS.
Here you go:

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